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Sparkplug, Teenage Dinosaur, Snakebomb and Floating World join forces again to bring you their 2014 Free Comic Book Anthology - BARRIO MOTHERS.

Eight Portland artists present new masterpieces guaranteed to take your face on a wild trip. These line wranglers have harvested the freshest comic jams for your hungry eyeballs. And best of all it’s FREE!

Featuring all new comics by Josh Juresko, Sophie Franz, Karissa Sakumoto, Asher Craw, Wally Catton, and Andrew Scully.

Covers by Souther Salazar, Cameron Hawkey and Nick Norman.

32 pgs, b&w interior, fc cover

Mature Readers

FREE - (you just pay the shipping cost)

Ordering info:




to place your order by April 25th to guarantee arrival by Saturday, May 3rd.


0-100 copies = $12.35, shipped in a flat rate priority box

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